The Max foldable E-Bike Solarbeam Yellow Range 35km - Top Speed 25km/h

$1,767.71 $3,535.42

Pure electric range - 25-35km
Battery capacity - 36V/10AH
Motor - 36V/250W
Max speed - 25km/h
Rim size - 14inch
Folding features - Pole folding / Seat forward flip    
Seat Height - Adjustable
Seat suspension - Seat spring + Pole spring    
Battery detachable feature - Direct plugin with a mechanical lock
Suspension - Rear shock absorber with spring    
Rear shock absorber with spring - Front and rear dual disc brake    
Assist mode - Hall sensor, 3-speed gears    
Acceleration mode - Throttle accelerator, Single mode 
Warning - Horn
Rear warning features - Tail light    
Protection level - IPX4

Cruzaa has revolutionized cycling with the Cruzaa E-Bike. 

The power-assisted mechanism powers the cycling journeys more comfortably to commute or ride for pleasure without all the hard work. With adjustable gears, it can tackle hills and climbs with ease.

The unique detachable battery means you can remove and charge portably.