The Cruzaa PRO Electric Scooter - 45km Range & 35kmh Top Speed Cruzaa Built in Bluetooth & Speakers +USB - Carbon Black

$2,032.86 $4,065.72

Top Speed: 22 mph (40km)
Total Distance/Max Range: 45 Miles
Water Resistant: Yes – IPX4
Bluetooth with Built-in Speakers: Devices can be connected to the scooter to stream music
Digital LCD Display: Displays Speed, distance, gears, battery life, temperature
Detachable Battery: Yes – suitable for portable charging
Security/Alarm System: Yes – Comes with 2 x remote key fobs
Front Headlight: Large Xenon front headlight for night visibility
Disk Brake System: Yes – Dual smart brake system.

Move your own way and let the Cruzaa Electric Scooter do all the hard work for you.

The Cruzaa sit-down Electric Scooter is an exclusive lifestyle premium scooter under the Cruzaa product family range. The Cruzaa is 100% electric with a unique foldable ‘K’ frame design, making everyday social and transport an effortless pleasure, with an impressive range of up to 45 Kmh, reaching a top speed of 22 mph, and comes with smart xenon large LED Screen Display.

The Cruzaa is so unique, it has an extensive range of built-in features, such as built-in speakers with Bluetooth enabled to stream music, the battery is detachable for portable charging and the scooter has a built-in USB port to charge devices such as a mobile phone.

The beauty of the detachable battery is for portable charging and to swap over if needed on those long journeys, being a very lightweight foldable scooter, making it easy to transport.

The Cruzaa Scooter has truly been crafted specifically with your lifestyle in mind.