The Commuta Pro Max Electric Foldable Scooter - 75km Range and 40kmh Max Speed. - ships from UK

$945.07 $1,890.15

Shipped from our UK Warehouse

Max range - 75Km
Max speed - 40kmh
Tyre/Wheel - 10-inch anti-puncture Vacuum tire
Rated power - 48V/550W
Maximum output power - 48V/1100W
Climbing Angle - 30°
Battery capacity - 48V/15.6Ah lithium battery
Motor-driven - Rear-wheel drive
Battery - Portable and removable
Foldable scooter
Quad Braking System
Dual Disc brakes
Waterproof level - IP54
Front headlight - LED high-brightness front light 
Rear taillight - Rear LED
Pedal Width - 183mm
Applicable height - 120cm - 200cm
Load weight - 100-130kg

The Commuta Max Pro is unique with the beauty of a detachable battery for portable charging and to swap over if needed on those long journeys, being a very lightweight foldable scooter, making it easy to transport.

It’s the most robust and high-spec electric scooter in the market for its price and its rear-wheel drive!