Adjustable Footwork Training Kit - Fitness Speed and Agility Ladder - Resistance Parachute

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Adjustable Footwork Speed Training Equipment Kit

  • Agility Ladder

  • Resistance Parachute 

  • Plastic Cones

An array of dynamic training tools that redefine your workout experience:

Agility Ladder: Crafted from flexible and adjustable TPE material, our agility ladder sets the stage for impeccable footwork training. The tangle-free strap ensures seamless performance, while rust-resistant metal pegs anchor it securely in place. The ladder's end snaps enable convenient attachment to additional ladders, enhancing customization.

Resistance Parachute: Unleash your potential with our 52" diameter chute accompanied by a heavy-duty adjustable nylon belt. The quick-release belt buckle allows for explosive acceleration bursts, effectively enhancing your explosiveness and stamina through resistance training.

Plastic Disk Cones: Experience the versatility of our premium elastic cones, ideal for an array of applications including boundary marking, sports practice, and precision targeting. Each cone measures 7.5" in diameter and stands at 2" in height, ensuring visibility and durability.

Versatility, tailored to elevate skills across a spectrum of sports, from football drills and boxing to basketball, lacrosse, hockey, baseball, tennis, and track and field. This set stands as your ultimate choice for enhancing athletic performance across disciplines.

Transform your training regimen into an extraordinary journey of growth and achievement. Elevate your game with precision, power, and prowess – the ultimate path to unlocking your athletic potential.

Material: PP + nylon
Color: Green, Yellow, Orange, Color

The color of the item might vary slightly from the color showed in the pictures


 Origin: Mainland China

 Material: Other

Inflatable: No

Derivative Series: Other